Sparkling Artesian Water

Drink Sparta

Introducing Sparta Sparkling Artesian Water tapped directly from the source of the Sparta Aquifer – spanning accross nine states from the South to the Midwest. We provide the freshest and boldest sparking water that is 100% natural.

About Us

The sparta aquifer

Proudly tapped from the source in Memphis, TN

The Sparta Aquifer holds some of the freshest water,
purified over 2,000 years through thick layers of sand
and sediment.

To date, however, there is no sparkling water company
that utilizes the fresh water from the Sparta Aquifer to
provide 100% natural sparking water to consumers.

At Drink Sparta, we have created Sparta Sparkling
Artesian Water tapped directly from the source to provide the freshest and boldest sparkling water. All of our ingredients are 100% natural.

A portion of our proceeds will go towards protecting the Sparta Aquifer. A few non-profits we will suport include: Protect Our Aquifer, The Sparta Foundation and Union
County Water Conservation Board.

Fresh As It Gets

Water attributes

Zero Calories

Zero Sugars

100% Natural

Non-GMO Project Verified

Whole 30 Approved

Certified Gluten Free & Vegan

No Fluoride

Kosher Certified

The Selection

100% Natural

We tap Sparta directly from the source and carbonate it using only 100% natural ingredients and true fruit flavors. In additions to our unflavored Original Sparta, we offer a line of flavors that contain zero synthetic ingredients.

Our flavors and tase are bold and best in class. Sparta is also free of sugar, sweeteners, sodium, and other additives.